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Lose 10kg a Day by Drinking Tea! I am kidding of course =D

Happy New Year Tea Lovers!

Yep it’s that time of the year when we have increased a notch or three on our belts; we can’t see our feet for our tum tums, and our TV screens and our Facebook and Google Ads are inundated with advertisements telling us of the latest fad that will help us to lose 10kgs in a day.  The thing is, what I am here to tell you is that Tea is not the miracle cure that will help us to lose weight immediately.  With the amount of tea that I drink on a daily basis, I ought to be Victoria Beckham sized, but I’m not because I love my tea, I love my food but I just don’t like exercise so much!!

Tea does have a whole host of health benefits, but tea has to be consumed as part of a healthier lifestyle. Drinking tea alone and nothing else might help you to lose weight in the short term, but your body needs other nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it cannot gain from tea alone.  Besides, just drinking tea alone and not eating any food, will make you extremely ill.  I do not recommend it.

So what are the health benefits of tea?  I have delivered several tea note speaking gigs where I help to explain the various health benefits and I wanted to start by telling you about Antioxidants.  Or rather, this video will help to explain what they are and how they can help you if you incorporate tea as part of a healthier lifestyle.

May King Tsang - MayKing Tea Video

But what about the other health benefits of tea?  I created a slide presentation when I first arrived in Australia to explain the health benefits and I continue to use the slides to this day.  If you click on the picture below and then click on save to download this presentation, take a look at the notes underneath each slide, this will give you more information about antioxidants and the other health benefits that you can find in tea.

One of these days I will convert the presentation into a video series but until then, pop the kettle on, make a cup of tea, sit back, relax and read through the notes as you go through the slides.  I am sure that you will find them exTEAmely informaTEAve 😀




As you can see, if you take the first letter of each of my top 10 tips, what do you get?  Why! MayKing Tea of course!!  Enjoy and Happy New Year tea lovers!

Many thanks to Kerrin Smith for the production of this video and others.



Why LinkedIn is good for tea businesses

According to Wikipedia, LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site used primarily for professional networking. Many business opportunities have become available to me and my business via LinkedIn and I wanted to share with readers why LinkedIn is good for tea businesses.

LinkedIn is a way to build your professional network by connecting users with trusted contacts, known as “connections.”  For tea business owners new to LinkedIn, the first step is to create a profile and ensure all details are filled out completely so that other connections can find you.  Start building your professional network by adding connections.  If you have a bricks-and-mortar tearoom, one tip is to add business connections local to your area.

If you have an online store (as I have), add businesses locally, nationally, and internationally.  I encourage my tea clients to look for ways to collaborate with other businesses as I have done on occasion.  By connecting with other businesses in the local / national area, you may find those collaborative opportunities that will also help to raise brand awareness about your business to other businesses.  Connecting with local journalists, bloggers, magazine editors, and radio DJs is also useful for PR, as the media are always looking for new stories.  Tea is a very interesting story for journalists to write about.

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Truly Memorable Tearoom Experiences

Here are a few ways I have observed over the years to make that tearoom experience truly memorable for the customer:

Tea Menu. Tea menus come in many forms: from a one-line sentence listing the teas to a menu above the counter to several pages of teas described in a way that is not wholly dissimilar to a wine menu. I look forward to the day when tea menus in all cafés and restaurants are written in a clear, concise, and inviting way that excites customers as they look through them. However teas are presented on a menu, though, it is the ordering experience that can really make a difference.

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Cooking with Tea

I love the Twitterverse and after admiring from afar, I finally had the opportunity to tweet with, and eventually meet, Sally Lynch of Taste Trekkers. It is always a pleasure to meet someone who is as passionate in their field as I am passionate in tea, and Sally is no exception. She LOVES food! She loves talking about food, cooking food and also writes about food. You can imagine my delight when I was invited to an event organised by another influential foodie, Natasha Mirosch.

The Christmas Foodie tour consisted of a food shopping tour of Brisbane, visiting stores that sold authentic European food, herbs and spices; a wonderful lunch, care of Taste Trekkers; and a wine tasting from the local winery whilst I provided the tea. You can read more about the event and view some wonderful pictures of the event via Rhubarb Wine’s blog.

Sharing Tea with Foodies care of @rhubarbwine

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Queensland Tea Meetup launch

Hello, and welcome to the first post about my Queensland Tea Meetup.  I created the meetup group as I wanted to showcase the wonderful tea-rooms, cafés, boutiques and restaurants around Queensland that have just a strong a passion for good tea as I do.  I wasn’t disappointed because three days into creating the meetup, I had over twenty members who had joined and expressed a desire to meet with like-minded tea enthusiasts to sip and talk tea.  Tea-tastic!

For the launch, I created an event at The Hawthorne Pantry and shared a cup with 7 tea lovers.  It was fabulous.  One of my articles was recently published in the Australian Tea Guide and so we started there, sharing our experiences of Tea Cultures from around the world.  One of the meetup members (whom I affectionately refer to as Tea Lovers) shared her story of how she was invited to a Japanese Tea Ceremony here in Brisbane and shared the link to her blog which is an intimate description with accompanying pictures of how the Japanese Tea Ceremony was performed.  Lots of nodding of heads occurred when I talked about masala chai and the Indian tea culture and of course, no tea talk would be complete without talking about the differences between High Tea and Afternoon Tea.

Another Tea Lover did a show and tell with the wonderful jasmine pearls he brought with him and so we talked about the differing qualities of jasmine teas found in restaurants, Chinese supermarkets and online boutiques.  There were lots of great questions and discussions to come out of the meetup such as why is white tea so-called, we went around the group to ask what each other’s favourite tea was, whether we drank tea with or without milk.  It was a really interesting mix of Tea Lovers from one coffee lover, to seasoned tea drinkers who brought their own personal collection of teas to show us.

My husband pointed out the irony of the Queensland Tea Meetup launch where we were sipping a Ashitaba Herbal Info :o) but tea or herbal, loose leaf or tea bag, it was a great first meetup and I thoroughly enjoyed sipping tea with others and hope that others enjoyed the experience too.

MayKingTea Collaborations

I broadcast to the world in December of last year (well, not quite the world but at a networking event), that 2011 was going to be MayKingTea’s year of collaboration.  I’m terribly excited as some of them have come to fruition and here are a few of the highlights for March and April:

We all love to hear moving stories and Aina Notoa‘s story of how Gr8 Women evolved is no exception.  I’m truly privileged to be invited to speak about my tea journey from the UK to Australia on Tuesday March 29th and look forward to sharing the stage with Jenni Madison, founder of Coconut Magic, and Leanne Fabila, founder of Tahiti Spirit.

I created the Queensland Business Facebook Group as a forum for business owners to ask questions, assist others and to seek out collaborative opportunities.  Little did I know that a collaborative opportunity was brewing (guffaw) in the form of the group’s first social gathering for business owners.  The 3M’s (myself, Michael Tucker and Maree Brodie) are having another casual meet and greet on Friday April 1st (without the April Fool jokes of course) for small business owners of Queensland.

My next collaboration is with business owners in the health and wellness industry.  I’m delighted to be sharing the stage with Chris Tuck, Jenni Madison again, and Nadine Piat-Niski.  If you’d like to bring a little bit of health and well-being back into your life, whether it’s through incorporating a fitness regime, a cup of tea, coconut oil or by coaching, there’s something for everyone.  The seminar takes place on Tuesday April 5th and to grab an early bird ticket, please register before March 31st.

I feel like I’ve come full circle because after my first tea-tasting collaboration, I’m going to be working with Lucy again from 16th on Park.  This time we’re holding the first in a series of tea pairing classes, starting with tea and desserts.  You can imagine how hard it was for Lucy and I to carry out the research for this workshop (ahem!) but we’re absolutely delighted to introduce three fabulous desserts with three wonderful teas.  Book your place by giving one of us a call: Tea Pairing with Desserts Sunday 10th April 2-4pm

Who are you going to be collaborating with this  year?

My Tea Year’s Resolution

I was having a twitter chat with socialbuzzAUS and mddtactics about New Year’s Resolutions which reminded me of an article I wrote last year.  This year however I decided that rather than make resolutions, I was going to set some goals instead.  I remember taking out the fitness DVDs in London last year, placing them in view just below the television, had a couple of attempts at following the routines and then gradually the excuses increased whilst the fitness sessions simultaneously decreased.

This year, I took the DVD’s out early rather than wait for New Year. I decided I was going to get up early (as I believe most Aussies do), pop my gym kit on, insert the DVD and start on the fitness routine straight away (starting with a warm up session of course!) What was different this year was that I was determined to incorporate even more tea into my routine.  Tea? Yes: tea and this is how I do it:

1. Before inserting the DVD, I made my tea at a much lower temperature than normal. Oolong teas can normally stand temperatures of 90oC (194oF), but I brewed it at 50oC (122oF) so that I could drink it without burning my tongue.  It takes a little longer for the flavours to be drawn out of the tea which gave me enough time to work on the first routine. Any excess water from the kettle, I would pour into a flask (a familiar sight in Chinese households).

2. After the first session, I’d dash over to my teapot, pour the tea, take a few sips, add more water from the flask into my teapot and then it’s back to my TV ready for the second part of the workout.

3. A few huffs and puffs following the second fitness session (as I’m really not as fit as I used to be) and then it’s back to the teapot to pour out the second infusion and then taking a few sips from my second cup of tea.  I fill the teapot for a third infusion and then it’s back to the fitness workout.

What is great about loose leaf tea is that one can make several infusions (several cups of tea) out of the same teaspoon of leaves which I hope I have demonstrated here.

I have stuck with the fitness routine a little over a week now and endeavour to vary it a little so that I don’t grow used to one routine.  Having a new toy like the Kinect really helps so I have been able to vary my routines between several DVDs and various games such as Dance Central and Your Shape.

As I raise a cup of tea as a toast for 2011, I remember the words of a great tea friend and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Healthy and Happy New Year.