For those readers who have a business in Queensland, I’d like to invite you to join my Queensland Business Facebook Group. I created the group in November 2010 as a forum for business owners to share useful content with other businesses, to ask questions in the hope that other members can help, to ask for referrals from those in the group and to seek collaborative opportunities.

With over 1500 members at the last time of counting, I have also arranged social occasions for business owners to meet other business owners.

Here’s a quick video that Michael Tucker put together which seeks to explain the purpose of the Queensland Business group:

Queensland Business has also launched a “Communicating Effectively using Facebook and Twitter” course, the details of which are explained in the following video:

Thanks for reading and I hope to help, share and collaborate with you really soon.


May King Tsang, from MayKing Tea and creator of the Queensland Business Facebook Group