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Truly Memorable Tearoom Experiences

Here are a few ways I have observed over the years to make that tearoom experience truly memorable for the customer:

Tea Menu. Tea menus come in many forms: from a one-line sentence listing the teas to a menu above the counter to several pages of teas described in a way that is not wholly dissimilar to a wine menu. I look forward to the day when tea menus in all cafés and restaurants are written in a clear, concise, and inviting way that excites customers as they look through them. However teas are presented on a menu, though, it is the ordering experience that can really make a difference.

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Favourite Tearooms in Australia Part IV

Carrying on my tearoom theme, I want to draw attention to another tearoom that I had the pleasure of visiting in Adelaide.  Tbar is a wonderful tea salon which, according to their website serves loose leaf tea with reverse osmosis water.  As I walked into the salon, I was faced with a wonderful array of loose lea tea, with enough variety to satisfy all types of tea drinkers.  After looking through the impressive display, I decided to take a seat and look at the tea menu.  It’s a beautifully presented menu with no shortage of tea puns as the reader is faced with teas such as diversi-t, visibili-t, prosperi-t.  Tea puns never fail to make me smile 🙂

T Bar – Shui Xian Oolong tea in the cup

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Favourite Tearooms in the UK Part III

Carrying on my series of favourite tearooms in the UK, I turn to a hotel which according to Wikipedia has hosted people of historical significance.  Located in Mayfair in the centre of London, my husband treated me to Afternoon Tea on our last UK visit and it was a truly exquisite experience.

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