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Tea Appreciation Classes with a KISS

In my former life as an IT trainer, I remember the first few days of training to become a certified Microsoft Applications trainer.  Every class started with KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.  The premise behind the acronym is when delivering a training course to ensure that you speak in layman’s terms: speak in a language that the audience can understand.  Travelling around the world with my IT role forced me to do that in countries where English was the second language.

May King in action

May King as a Tea Note Speaker

Who’d have thought that my training skills would come in handy when talking about tea?  With so many acronyms and tea terminology, it’s ever so easy to become daunted by them when you see them on paper, or online, but if explained with KISS, hopefully the audience can understand it better.  Here are just a few Tea Terms you may come across.

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Website Review: The Tea and Jazz House

As a tea consultant, one of the best parts of my business is offering advice to tea business startups and seeing them flourish.  It’s rather like a mother or father waving their child off to school.  Mary Cali from The Tea and Jazz House is one such ‘cool cat’.  After offering business guidance, I was like that proud mother waiving her child off to school.  These are a few points on what The Tea and Jazz House as an online tea business has done extremely well:

Branding: Mary has created an extremely strong brand identity in The Tea and Jazz House.  The logo, the look and feel of the website clearly shows how tea and jazz are intertwined.  The website’s philosophy, vision and passion are outlined on the home page which demonstrates how the two complement each other.

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Why LinkedIn is good for tea businesses

According to Wikipedia, LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site used primarily for professional networking. Many business opportunities have become available to me and my business via LinkedIn and I wanted to share with readers why LinkedIn is good for tea businesses.

LinkedIn is a way to build your professional network by connecting users with trusted contacts, known as “connections.”  For tea business owners new to LinkedIn, the first step is to create a profile and ensure all details are filled out completely so that other connections can find you.  Start building your professional network by adding connections.  If you have a bricks-and-mortar tearoom, one tip is to add business connections local to your area.

If you have an online store (as I have), add businesses locally, nationally, and internationally.  I encourage my tea clients to look for ways to collaborate with other businesses as I have done on occasion.  By connecting with other businesses in the local / national area, you may find those collaborative opportunities that will also help to raise brand awareness about your business to other businesses.  Connecting with local journalists, bloggers, magazine editors, and radio DJs is also useful for PR, as the media are always looking for new stories.  Tea is a very interesting story for journalists to write about.

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Working Collabora-tea-vely

My favourite phrase that I heard from a business owner is that “there is no competition, only collaboration” and with the big corporates working alongside each other I think that there is an element of truth in that. How about the independent tearoom which is not part of a chain? The answer is to work collabora-tea-vely of course!

I was extremely privileged to have been able to work in Melbourne recently with two wonderful tea companies. Although I sell my own line of tea, I don’t see them as competition. There is enough for everyone I feel, and as well as selling tea, I love talking about it and had a wonderful time sharing my knowledge of tea with those that are wanting to learn something new.

My first stop was with Tea & Sympathy where we I shared my knowledge of tea and terroir. Australia is a fabulous wine producing nation and whilst the seasoned wine drinker may have heard of the French term they may not realise that terroir can be applied to tea as well. So as we tried and compared two different green teas and two black teas, explained how the tea varietal, the processing techniques, elevation of the tea plant, growing conditions can all help to contribute to the final product in the cup, it was especially interesting to hear the crowd’s comments about the tea as some of them were tasting them for the first time. It was fabulous to hear the crowd share their memories, hear their sensory evaluations and their engagement with me as they asked many great questions and made it into such a tea-licious evening.

May King Tsang discussing Tea and Terroir

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Tea and Health

In a previous post, I talked about MayKing Tea’s goal, which was to collaborate with other businesses.  This month I want to talk about collaborating with health professionals.  I have held several seminars with health specialists in their respective fields and felt it was a great way to introduce people to tea.  This post explains briefly some of the points I made during my presentation on the Top 10 secrets to the health benefits of tea.

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MayKingTea Collaborations

I broadcast to the world in December of last year (well, not quite the world but at a networking event), that 2011 was going to be MayKingTea’s year of collaboration.  I’m terribly excited as some of them have come to fruition and here are a few of the highlights for March and April:

We all love to hear moving stories and Aina Notoa‘s story of how Gr8 Women evolved is no exception.  I’m truly privileged to be invited to speak about my tea journey from the UK to Australia on Tuesday March 29th and look forward to sharing the stage with Jenni Madison, founder of Coconut Magic, and Leanne Fabila, founder of Tahiti Spirit.

I created the Queensland Business Facebook Group as a forum for business owners to ask questions, assist others and to seek out collaborative opportunities.  Little did I know that a collaborative opportunity was brewing (guffaw) in the form of the group’s first social gathering for business owners.  The 3M’s (myself, Michael Tucker and Maree Brodie) are having another casual meet and greet on Friday April 1st (without the April Fool jokes of course) for small business owners of Queensland.

My next collaboration is with business owners in the health and wellness industry.  I’m delighted to be sharing the stage with Chris Tuck, Jenni Madison again, and Nadine Piat-Niski.  If you’d like to bring a little bit of health and well-being back into your life, whether it’s through incorporating a fitness regime, a cup of tea, coconut oil or by coaching, there’s something for everyone.  The seminar takes place on Tuesday April 5th and to grab an early bird ticket, please register before March 31st.

I feel like I’ve come full circle because after my first tea-tasting collaboration, I’m going to be working with Lucy again from 16th on Park.  This time we’re holding the first in a series of tea pairing classes, starting with tea and desserts.  You can imagine how hard it was for Lucy and I to carry out the research for this workshop (ahem!) but we’re absolutely delighted to introduce three fabulous desserts with three wonderful teas.  Book your place by giving one of us a call: Tea Pairing with Desserts Sunday 10th April 2-4pm

Who are you going to be collaborating with this  year?

MayKingTea returns to the UK (in October)

I’m rather excited at the prospect of seeing my family on my upcoming business trip to the UK.  As many of my friends and business colleagues have been asking me when I’ll be back, I thought I would write this post  to explain my whereabouts. 

  • Monday 18th OctoberNew Direction Partnership (NDP) is an East London based networking group which has a guest speaker every month to talk about a business related subject.  This month, MayKingTea will be their guest speaker sharing my experience of starting a business following redundancy.  If you’d like to come along to NDP then contact Karen Flint for more details.
  • Wednesday 20th October: Have you ever wondered what oolong tea is, why people love or hate green tea or the health properties behind tea?  “Around the World in Eight Tea Cups” is a two hour experience where we talk about the different categories of tea, how tea is processed, the history of tea, but more importantly we will have an opportunity to taste teas from all around the world.  This is a limited seating event so don’t forget to book your place.
  • Thursday 21st October: Athena, South Woodford group.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the Athena International Conference held on Friday 8th October, but I’ll be catching up with Stella and others.   If you’d like to join us, email
  • Wednesday 27th October: The Ultimate Women’s Day Out.  Theo, founder of Kall Me Back has arranged an invitation only event for up to 100 business women who would like to partake in an indulgence evening as well as a networking opportunity with raffle prizes to be won.  There will be many guest speakers throughout the day (including MayKingTea) but it is an opportunity to mix business and pleasure before the festive season is upon us.  If you are interested in securing your place, then please contact for more details.
  • I’m also in the planning stages of carrying out further tea-tasting events at the following venues:

    1. Espressimo Café originally started out as an independent coffee shop. Now serving tea from MayKingTea on a Sunday to accompany their wonderful breakfast menu, Nina and her team have a variety of teas from China, Sri Lanka and Italy to tickle your taste buds.
    2. Violet Cakes originally started out as a market stall selling cup cakes in the ever popular Broadway Market. Claire’s shop  on Wilton Way is proving popular with their Facebook Fans and the locals.  Violet Cakes has a large variety of teas from MayKingTea as well as some teas of her own, including mint from Claire’s own garden. 
    3. Back 2 Balance is a practice based in Walthamstow which specialises in running classes on Yoga, Pilates, Physiotherapy and other complimentary therapies.  Understanding the health benefits of tea, Karen is looking to running tea-tasting events with MayKingTea starting with Wednesday October 20th and plans to sell teas from MayKingTea in the near future.