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Tearoom Review – Sugar N’ Spice in Brisbane, Australia

I first came across Sugar N’ Spice in 2010 when I moved to Brisbane and spent an afternoon scouting for tearooms. I wasn’t disappointed. Mark, the proprietor is passionate about tea, coffee, chocolate, places great importance on great products, and excellent customer service, which is something that has been lost for many years in the UK and what I have been experiencing in Australia, too.

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a tea, hot chocolate or coffee on the go, or whether you prefer to sit inside the café, Mark and his TEAm go out of their way to service you with a smile. I was very impressed that many of the customers were greeted by their name.  Now THAT’s customer service.

Let’s get back to the tea though.  For me, the tea that is available, the way it is presented to you and how it’s been presented to you is really important.  It all starts with the tea menu.

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Tea and Art in Australia and China

My mission is to ensure that everybody has a better cup of tea in their cupboard, and what better way to raise awareness about good tea than through tea and art? I was invited by the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) to take part in an exhibition commissioned by world renowned artist, Cai Guo-Qiang.

Cai was born in the Fujian province of China which is home to some of the most respected tea in the world. Cai is best known for using gunpowder as his medium for his art, and was Director of Visual and Special Effects for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Yep: the fabulous fireworks at the Olympics were his work! Inspired by a visit to Queensland, Cai created an exhibition to encourage us to reconnect with nature. The final part of the Falling Back to Earth exhibition involved a Tea Pavilion: a space created for art lovers to sit with family and friends to reflect on the exhibition they have just witnessed and what better way to reflect in amongst the Eucalyptus tree (the third part of the exhibition), than with a sip of tea.

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Website Review: The Tea and Jazz House

As a tea consultant, one of the best parts of my business is offering advice to tea business startups and seeing them flourish.  It’s rather like a mother or father waving their child off to school.  Mary Cali from The Tea and Jazz House is one such ‘cool cat’.  After offering business guidance, I was like that proud mother waiving her child off to school.  These are a few points on what The Tea and Jazz House as an online tea business has done extremely well:

Branding: Mary has created an extremely strong brand identity in The Tea and Jazz House.  The logo, the look and feel of the website clearly shows how tea and jazz are intertwined.  The website’s philosophy, vision and passion are outlined on the home page which demonstrates how the two complement each other.

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Making Sure We’re on the Same Tea Page

“Tea is dehydrating, so if you want a hot drink then go for herbal tea instead.”  I know: I nearly spilled my Travel Mug and spat out my tea when a speaker from the fitness industry made this bold statement.  I bit my lip and wondered whether I should interrupt when the next claim was made:

“If you really need to drink a cup of tea, make sure you drink a glass of water to rehydrate yourself.”

Wah??? Right! That does it!!

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Favourite Tearooms in Australia Part IV

Carrying on my tearoom theme, I want to draw attention to another tearoom that I had the pleasure of visiting in Adelaide.  Tbar is a wonderful tea salon which, according to their website serves loose leaf tea with reverse osmosis water.  As I walked into the salon, I was faced with a wonderful array of loose lea tea, with enough variety to satisfy all types of tea drinkers.  After looking through the impressive display, I decided to take a seat and look at the tea menu.  It’s a beautifully presented menu with no shortage of tea puns as the reader is faced with teas such as diversi-t, visibili-t, prosperi-t.  Tea puns never fail to make me smile 🙂

T Bar – Shui Xian Oolong tea in the cup

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My Reacquaintance with Flavoured Teas

I am amazed at where my tea journey takes me and several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to trip to Adelaide and meet with like-minded tea folk. My tea journey stopped at a cross roads where I was invited to choose between flavoured teas or loose leaf tea with no flowers/herbs added. I’ve often tried flavoured teas and felt the experience equated to drinking out of my perfume bottle and so I tend to steer away from flavoured teas. However on this occasion, one flavoured tea jumped out from the tea menu: Peppermint oolong.

Peppermint Oolong

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Favourite Tearooms in the UK Part III

Carrying on my series of favourite tearooms in the UK, I turn to a hotel which according to Wikipedia has hosted people of historical significance.  Located in Mayfair in the centre of London, my husband treated me to Afternoon Tea on our last UK visit and it was a truly exquisite experience.

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