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My Reacquaintance with Flavoured Teas

I am amazed at where my tea journey takes me and several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to trip to Adelaide and meet with like-minded tea folk. My tea journey stopped at a cross roads where I was invited to choose between flavoured teas or loose leaf tea with no flowers/herbs added. I’ve often tried flavoured teas and felt the experience equated to drinking out of my perfume bottle and so I tend to steer away from flavoured teas. However on this occasion, one flavoured tea jumped out from the tea menu: Peppermint oolong.

Peppermint Oolong

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Tea and Health

In a previous post, I talked about MayKing Tea’s goal, which was to collaborate with other businesses.  This month I want to talk about collaborating with health professionals.  I have held several seminars with health specialists in their respective fields and felt it was a great way to introduce people to tea.  This post explains briefly some of the points I made during my presentation on the Top 10 secrets to the health benefits of tea.

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Favourite Tearooms in the UK Part III

Carrying on my series of favourite tearooms in the UK, I turn to a hotel which according to Wikipedia has hosted people of historical significance.  Located in Mayfair in the centre of London, my husband treated me to Afternoon Tea on our last UK visit and it was a truly exquisite experience.

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