I broadcast to the world in December of last year (well, not quite the world but at a networking event), that 2011 was going to be MayKingTea’s year of collaboration.  I’m terribly excited as some of them have come to fruition and here are a few of the highlights for March and April:

We all love to hear moving stories and Aina Notoa‘s story of how Gr8 Women evolved is no exception.  I’m truly privileged to be invited to speak about my tea journey from the UK to Australia on Tuesday March 29th and look forward to sharing the stage with Jenni Madison, founder of Coconut Magic, and Leanne Fabila, founder of Tahiti Spirit.

I created the Queensland Business Facebook Group as a forum for business owners to ask questions, assist others and to seek out collaborative opportunities.  Little did I know that a collaborative opportunity was brewing (guffaw) in the form of the group’s first social gathering for business owners.  The 3M’s (myself, Michael Tucker and Maree Brodie) are having another casual meet and greet on Friday April 1st (without the April Fool jokes of course) for small business owners of Queensland.

My next collaboration is with business owners in the health and wellness industry.  I’m delighted to be sharing the stage with Chris Tuck, Jenni Madison again, and Nadine Piat-Niski.  If you’d like to bring a little bit of health and well-being back into your life, whether it’s through incorporating a fitness regime, a cup of tea, coconut oil or by coaching, there’s something for everyone.  The seminar takes place on Tuesday April 5th and to grab an early bird ticket, please register before March 31st.

I feel like I’ve come full circle because after my first tea-tasting collaboration, I’m going to be working with Lucy again from 16th on Park.  This time we’re holding the first in a series of tea pairing classes, starting with tea and desserts.  You can imagine how hard it was for Lucy and I to carry out the research for this workshop (ahem!) but we’re absolutely delighted to introduce three fabulous desserts with three wonderful teas.  Book your place by giving one of us a call: Tea Pairing with Desserts Sunday 10th April 2-4pm

Who are you going to be collaborating with this  year?