It’s week 6 in Brisbane and I feel like a small child excited by experiencing all things new such as the first time I took the train, my first CityCat ride and the first time I walked along Kurilpa Bridge. Last week was my first tea-tasting in Brisbane. It was a threeway partnership between three women. I first met Shaktiprem, founder of Brilliance in Being at Networking Chats and we realised straight away how Yoga followed by a healthy breakfast with some tea would be a formidable combination. Lucy who provided the breakfast and the venue (16th on Park, Milton) certainly agreed and so there we were: three business women doing what women do best: networking and collaborating.

Yoga has managed to elude me all these years but as I’m getting older, I can certainly see the benefit of developing a set of breathing exercises and enhancing one’s posture.  Yoga was also a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed my first session with Shaktiprem. It wasn’t too strenuous, I could feel the stretches from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and it was a great way to start my Sunday.

After the Yoga class we were led to our table where we had a healthy breakfast: a wonderful selection of fruits, followed by poached eggs on rye bread. After breakfast I decided to introduce our fellow yoga students to two of my teas: High Mountain Oolong from Nantou, Taiwan and Lung Ching (or Dragonwell) from Zhejiang, China.

It made sense after breakfast to tempt the students with the High Mountain Oolong first of all, as oolong is purported to be great for digestion. It was certainly a winner with everyone: a delicate tea with apricot undertones, with a lovely aftertaste. The best thing about this tea is that the aroma lends itself into the taste. After trying the oolong, I prepared the Lung Ching and it was great to hear the student’s reactions when they tasted my Lung Ching the way green tea should taste. Finally, I asked the students which tea they preferred and made them a proper cuppa, with the leaves swirling around in their tea cup so that they could appreciate the beauty of the leaves as they enjoyed each sip.

For a pictorial representation of the tea-tasting, make sure you click on the Flikr photos on the right.

It was really encouraging that some of the students wanted to know more about my tea-tastings and once my tea-tools finally arrive from the UK (it’s currently on a container ship making its way to Australia), I can’t wait to start MayKingTea in Brisbane. 

Want to be in the know about our tea-tasting classes? Drop us an email and we’ll be in touch very soon.

I’d like to thank Shaktiprem for starting me on my Yoga journey and to Lucy, for providing such a wonderful venue and breakfast. May we have many more collaborations in the future.