My husband has been given an amazing opportunity to work in Australia for at least two years, and so I spent the last 6 weeks preparing for MayKingTea to move to Australia.  On a personal front, it’s been a testing time deciding what to pack and what to throw away, facing such dilemmas, such as whether to hang onto those Britpop band t-shirts that I am unlikely to fit into again.  Then there was the day when my hubbie suggested I had far too many shoes (yes ladies, I didn’t understand what he meant either) and so I did compromise by throwing away a few pairs that I have to be honest, had probably seen better days.  The best days were the numerous trips to the local charity shop and giving out books and foodstuffs to friends and family and other bits and bobs.  Isn’t it amazing how one can accumulate so much stuff after living in London for 10 years?!?

I think the worst thing I had to throw away was my personal tea collection.  Australia has very strict laws about foodstuffs and after several unsuccessful telephone calls and unclear websites, we found out a couple of days before the shipping company was due to come and pack up our things, that tea was actually permissable (apart from the flowering teas – which I gave to the removal men’s WAGs), by which point I had already decided to throw away some of the teas.  However I did give a lot of my tea away much to the delight of some of my friends and family :o)

As we only had six weeks to prepare for the move, it seemed unlikely that I would find someone to take over the market stalls that I had been running at Whitecross Street Market and Pattern Market on Kingsland Road, however there will be an opportunity for customers to purchase the tea in several locations in London in the near future.  In the meantime, the following outlets have teas from MayKingTea on their beverages menu which you might wish to try:

1. Espressimo Café originally started out as an independent coffee shop. Now serving tea from MayKingTea on a Sunday to accompany their wonderful breakfast menu, Nina and her team have a variety of teas from China, Sri Lanka and Italy to tickle your taste buds.

2. Violet Cakes originally started out as a market stall selling cup cakes in the ever popular Broadway Market. Now Claire has a shop  on Wilton Way and is proving popular with their Facebook Fans and customers.  Violet Cakes has a large variety of teas from MayKingTea including mint tea from her garden. 

I’d like to thank all of my customers for supporting me in the last six months.  For those of you based in the UK, you will still be able to purchase my teas online but if there are any teas that are not currently listed on my website do drop me a Tea-mail ( as I may be able to find the right tea for you.

For those of you who’d like daily updates on the developments of MayKingTea and how I’m getting on in Australia, you may wish to follow me on Twitter.